Heal your relationship with your body.

What is Transpersonal Energy Healing?

Transpersonal Energy Healing (TEH) is a process that involves the client in dialogue and body movement to bring awareness and healing to emotions at the root of suffering.

Unlike other healing methods that work on the mind, TEH works on the root of emotions and beliefs- the energy. With the support of a practitioner or in a group workshop, you shift and rewire the energy triggers, building resilience, freedom, and healthier beliefs.

One-on-One Healing Experiences

Personalized guidance and support navigating and healing your relationship to your body

Group Healing Experiences

Escape your day-to-day and build friendships while nourishing your mind, body, and spirit. We bring holistic health practitioners from different disciplines to high-vibe locations so you can rest, build community with like-minded souls, and deepen your healing work.

My Story

“What I resist costs power and energy. What I allow has no power over me.”

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