My Path to Transpersonal Energy Healing

My Quest for Healing Began in 2013…

I had struggled with low self-worth, body dysmorphia, and eating disorders ever since I was 8 years old. By my mid 20s, I was in the throes of an abusive, romantic relationship and started seeking the help of licensed therapists. After working with three different therapists both with and without my partner, I felt some short-term relief from pain inside of me and inside of the relationship, but eventually, the same, toxic patterns would resurface, the emotional wounds grew deeper, but I still had no clue how to make different decisions or get out of it.

When that relationship ended, I went on a solo backpacking journey around most of the European continent, Morocco, and Middle East and within six months, developed chronic fatigue, cognitive impairment, digestive issues, acne, and overall inflammation and aching in my body. However, I fell in love while I was abroad and was able to enjoy and experience life in spite of my health declining. When that relationship ended, I experienced profound heartbreak and my health issues worsened. With time, I felt less and less capable of doing the bare minimum life responsibilities. I fell into deep despair, fear and anxiety that I could not engage with life the way I wanted to anymore.

In the lowest emotional and physical state of my life, I met a Transpersonal Energy Healer who changed my life path. In a casual, group meditation setting, she was able to ask me questions that triggered the biggest AHA moments of my life- that caused me to see myself in a completely different way. I had an instinct that she could help me find creative answers to my debilitating anxiety, regret about past relationships, and health fears.

Within the first session, I experienced a profound level of self awareness and felt like I opened up more to her than I had my own family. The deep understanding and clear seeing of inner world, combined with a loving and trustworthy relationship with my healer, helped me unearth and look at some of the deepest, most vulnerable wounds from my lifetime. I finally started to get insight, clarity, and resolution for some of the habits and patterns that formed in my relationships, my treatment of my body, my eating disorder, and my low self-worth.

Humanity needs safe relationships more than ever. Most of our wounds occur in our relationships and we need each other to remember and safely heal those wounds so we can create the life that our soul desires to live. Happiness, joy, safety, kindness, compassion, and affection is our birthright. I am dedicated to offering Transpersonal Energy Healing as a potential path for more women to reclaim this birthright. Healed women will nurture all those around them and therefore heal the planet.

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